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2013-04-28 18:05:40 by DjPluto

yo... was out in tha hood 4 2 lon 4get were i started rite her makin my rap sons wel im back an im betta than eva got sum experienc noe

im fuken bak

2010-08-03 19:46:54 by DjPluto

yall miss me?????????????????? i shur no a few of u who did an im back wit a few new thins that i been workin on but 4 now i jus relese my first of my new album 4 2day
BringIn It Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i brot in da geto 3 up in dis wesbit da beat is strate from ma hart an as alwayz tels a stori bout ma lif an how i be livin in da geto u jus gota lisen

i jus wana tank all ma fans yall is kepin me goin on in da dj bisnis its bin tuff wit all da tasist crackas hatin on ma beats but fuk dem im getin da bitchez and dollaz

i got a lil project i been workin on for afew months

2008-07-27 05:38:45 by DjPluto

its nearin compleshin dogs jus gnoa ad a lil stuff n shit ive been workin on it for bout 3 months now just addin stuff lik crazy. is defnlty gona be my best song i think yall wil like it
its out boiz
song name is $$$ 4 real $$$

4 all u hatas

2008-02-19 19:01:25 by DjPluto

i been noticin u racist crackas hatin on ma songs
we fot for billeuns of yers 4 our freedome an u hatas cant take dat awai

4 all u hatas

yo yo

2008-02-14 21:58:04 by DjPluto

yo yo homies dis is dj pluto in da hizouse u be lookin at am new page. check out ma tunez >
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